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  • We're taking the hastle out of mixed gas with STIHL MotoMix® Premixed Fuel that is both clean and convenient!
  • New Holland T4060F Wins 'Tractor of the Year-Best of Specialized Award'

    NEW HOLLAND, PA - New Holland has won the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2013 award in the Best of Specialized category with the T4060F. The award was presented at the EIMA International Expo in Bologna, Italy.The T4060F is the top of the range model in the T4000F/V series, producing 106 hp in a narrow overall package, making it the ideal choice for vineyard and orchard operations.

    A complete productivity boosting and safety enhancing package
    The T4060F, together with the entire T4000F/ V range, has been designed to offer outstanding operating efficiency. A whole host of features ensure that growers can tailor their tractor to suit their needs, a range of transmissions can be selected, and all "F"models benefit from the SuperSteerTM front axle for the best-in-class turning radius: 76°.

    Safe operation comes courtesy of the 100% mechanical park lock and the new PTO ratio that further boosts operating efficiency with a 5% fuel saving. The powerful hydraulic mid-mounts are controlled via an ergonomic joystick, which manages 8 outputs, and the entire system features a hydraulic motor function which offers 100% priority and a free return.

    The entire range benefits from the "protection level 2" Blue Cab which has been redesigned and groups all key tractor functions together for intuitive and immediate operation.



  • New Holland Agriculture launches 'Farming Weather Forecast and Services' App
    Accurate weather forecasting is a prerequisite for efficient and productive farming, and the ‘NH weather' app provides exceptionally accurate local forecasts . Data is drawn from a network of over 71,000 weather stations, distributed across the world, and by using geo-location technology, data is received and analyzed from the closest sub-station. A whole raft of information is available for browsing, including actual and feels like temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, of prime importance when spraying.